"Target, Contact, Convert! "
Salesbytech offers the most innovative and effective sales tunnels for B2B prospecting
Every day, Salesbytech contacts thousands of decision makers for its clients.

We target your prospects according to over 40 selection criteria.

We establish relevant triggers allowing us to identify the prospects most likely to be interested in your services.
Salesbytech aggregates several sources of partner data (Nomination, Dropcontact, Lusha...).

The data, processed by Salesbytech, includes hundreds of millions of contacts. We identify the profiles on the various social networks of your target including (email, phone...).
The prospect will be contacted on all the networks on which we have identified him according to a sequence programmed by Salesbytech.

We write the message sequences and set up your campaigns. These campaigns take place on LinkedIn/Email/SMS/Twitter in multichannel and in compliance with the rules relating to the RGPD.
We create action tracking dashboards and performance charts. This data includes click-through rates, open rates, response rates, identification of prospects who interacted with your call to action.
We will offer you during the campaigns optimizations including:

- Retargeting of hot leads via Google, Facebook, LinkedIn Ads.

- Video email (tracking time spent on each video).

- Customer journey analysis (visualization and interpretation of the interactions made by your website visitors).

- Country Ads on your website users on LinkedIn, Google, Facebook, Instagram.

And many other actions that you will discover as you work with Salesbytech.
Your dedicated expert makes changes to your campaigns to make them more effective.

Our surgical approach allows you to drastically reduce your customer acquisition costs.

Your prospect leaves traces when he activates call to action, opens your messages, your emails. We optimize the actions taken according to your prospect's behavior.

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