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August 19, 2022
How our multi-channel solution has enabled InXpress to rapidly grow in the French market

How our multi-channel solution has enabled InXpress to rapidly grow in the French market

InXpress is a company that offers its customers a wide range of shipping solutions to optimize their logistics.

Relying on its network of partners (DHL, Chronopost, UPS) and their innovative platform, the company offers its customers a fast, reliable, competitive and transparent service.

Present in 14 countries, including the United Kingdom, the United States and China, the company wanted to ensure a rapid deployment in France and develop its customer portfolio.

It is in this context that InXpress trusted us to ensure the commercial objectives of its French franchise.



In order to accompany them in the best possible way, we first defined, with the company's teams, the objectives to be reached, which were threefold:  

  • Quickly introduce Inxpress to your target market
  • Generate an account on the Inxpress platform
  • Gather feedback from their prospects in order to better understand their market, identify their main competitors on the spot and prepare their communication strategy


We then turned to the topic of audience and audience segmentation. The goal of the campaign was to identify the logistics managers of InXpress' target companies and have them create an account on the portal . Once the segmentation criteria were defined, we identified and sourced the prospects that matched their target.

AsInXpress is mainly aimed at small and medium-sized companies, we have identified the sectors of activity with important logistical stakes, such as retail, e-commerce or automotive, in order to contact several key contacts among the C-levels, such as the CEO, CFO, Supply Chain Directors or Purchasing Managers. We focused on companies with up to 500 employees in France.

We collected their contacts, whether they were by phone, email or LinkedIn profiles.


Our solution works through the implementation of an intelligent, personalized and coordinated multi-channel strategy. We have therefore combined the relevant touch points for our client.

  1. First, we sourced the prospects corresponding to our client's target. Then we searched for their phone and email contacts, as well as their LinkedIn profile. We took care of the message writing on these different channels and we started to contact these prospects.
  2. The first step was to contact them on the professional network. For those who did not respond on LinkedIn, we reached them by email and phone.
  3. Then we processed the feedback from the prospects, and for those who did not wish to proceed, we cleared their objections.

Following the results of the campaign and in order to respond to our client's desire to develop their digital presence, we worked to update our client's LinkedIn profile, respecting the values they wanted to convey.  


Once the campaigns were launched, we measured their weekly performance and created performance tracking charts.

Over the past month, here are the results obtained:

  • 3,268 prospects engaged in a coordinated, intelligent and personalized manner.
  • 32.6% Linkedin acceptance rate (figure in evolution since the previous month)
  • 57.8% email open rate (also up from the previous month)
  • 22% overall response rate.
  • 29% telephone dropout rate.
  • 38% overall click-through rate.
  • 26 account openings.
  • Latent ROI: 3488€/month.

In total, we identified 12,984 prospects within their campaign.
At this stage, Inxpress anticipates an overall ROI of €41,800 from this operation.


At the end of the month, we studied the result of the InXpress campaign, and produced a report (which will be on a monthly basis) including:

  • The reach of the campaigns on each channel and their effectiveness
  • An analysis of the campaign's performance on each channel
  • The points of attention that we have raised
  • Our recommendations to adjust and optimize the campaign