Use case Salesbytech : Construction

August 19, 2022
How Salesbytech increased OMEGA's appointment booking by 6 times

How Salesbytech increased OMEGA's appointment booking by 6 times

OMEGA is a construction company involved in high-end renovations. It is on a very competitive market.

Following the loss of momentum that she experienced with her traditional prospecting methods, she called on our services.

His desire: to modernize the latter and thus acquire a greater number of customers, particularly in the B2B sector.

Our 5-step strategy:

I - Objectives

In order to best support them, we first defined, with the company's teams, the objectives to be reached. They wanted to modernize their approach, have a more developed online presence, and generate 10 appointments per week.

II - Targeting

We then discussed the subject of audience and its segmentation. OMEGA had multiple targets, both B2B and B2C. However, the company wanted to develop its B2B client portfolio and focus on architectural firms working for luxury establishments such as 4 and 5 star hotels, palaces and prestigious apartments.

Once the segmentation criteria were defined, we identified and sourced the prospects corresponding to their target. We focused on :

  • Architects working in firms with more than 20 employees,
  • Those located in and around Paris,
  • Those counting among its clients luxury hotels, palaces, shopping malls and luxury boutiques.
  • Those who generate more than 2 million in annual sales and whose clients have sites that exceed 200,000€ of work.

We collected their contacts, whether by phone or email, their LinkedIn and Twitter profiles.  

III - Multi-channel

Previously, OMEGA found clients through firms they had worked with before or through word of mouth. These methods of prospecting are traditional and do not allow the company to expand its horizons in an optimal way.

We proposed a more modern method of prospecting, based on database sourcing and the multiplication of contact points. This method makes it possible to contact prospects that the company would not have found, or even thought of contacting. OMEGA was therefore limited.

Our solution works through the implementation of an intelligent, personalized and coordinated multi-channel strategy. We have therefore combined the relevant touch points for our client.

  1. First, we sourced the prospects corresponding to our client's target. Then we searched for their phone and email contacts, as well as their LinkedIn profile. We took care of the message writing on these different channels and started to contact these prospects.
  2. The first step was to contact them on the professional network. For those who did not respond on LinkedIn, we reached them by email and phone.
  3. Then we processed the feedback from the prospects, and for those who did not wish to proceed, we cleared their objections.

Following the results of the campaign and in order to respond to our client's desire to develop their digital presence, we worked to update our client's LinkedIn profile, respecting the values they wanted to convey.  

IV - Performance measurement

Once the campaigns were launched, we measured their weekly performance and created tracking charts.

Over the past month, here are the results obtained:

  • 10,917 prospects engaged in a coordinated, intelligent and personalized manner.
  • 30.5% Linkedin acceptance rate.
  • 57.6% email open rate.
  • 22% overall response rate.
  • 25% telephone dropout rate.
  • 38% overall click-through rate.
  • 62 appointments made during the month.

In total, we identified 11,758 prospects within their campaign.

V - Analysis and recommendations

Finally, we studied the results of the campaigns we conducted with other clients of the same profile. We were able to draw out the most effective approaches for their sector, which we duplicated in order to optimize the campaigns we launched.

This was followed by a performance analysis during which we raised the points of attention, issued our recommendations and adjusted the campaigns.