Top 7 cold emailing tools

September 28, 2022
Prospecting means looking for potential customers. It is difficult to talk about prospecting without mentioning emailing and more precisely cold mailing.

Prospecting means looking for potential customers. It is difficult to talk about prospecting without mentioning emailing and more precisely cold mailing.

Cold emailing is an integral part of the prospecting strategy of sales people. Cold Emailing is an anglicism to replace the expression "cold email" which means sending an email to a person who does not know you. This is your first contact with this person. This technique is used to break the ice, establish contact and build a relationship of trust.

Here, our TOP 7 cold emailing tools!


Lemlist, a French solution and leader in cold emailing, boasts an easy-to-use and ultra-customizable tool, whether it be with texts, photos or videos. It is one of the favorite tools of marketers thanks to its expertise in the field. It offers detailed reports, drip sends to humanize the sending of your emails, triggers and lead tracking. The tool integrates with Zapier and CRMs and offers a feature called "lemwarm" to increase the likelihood that your emails will arrive in your prospect's inbox and not in their spam.

As a bonus, Lemlist has released a new version of its tool that allows you to prospect on LinkedIn as well, and therefore to do multi-channel prospecting. We also had Guillaume Moubèche, CEO of the company, in an interview on the subject of multi-channel prospecting.


  • A/B testing
  • Customizable images and landing page
  • Multichannel
  • Automatic email preheating

The -s:

  • Some usability problems (surely corrected since our test)
  • A rather technical tool and therefore not easy to use


First of all, 2 weeks free trial, then 3 possible offers :

1/ $29/month to warm up your domain and increase your deliverability

2/ 59$/month to send ultra personalized cold emails

3/ $99/month to go to the next level and indulge in multi-channel



Woodpecker is one of the most popular tools on the web. Known for its condition-based triggers, the tool sends automated and customizable emails directly from Gmail, Outlook and Exchange. It also integrates with Zapier and Salesforce. Woodpecker is also highly regarded for its sharing and collaboration features that promote teamwork. With a special emphasis on flying under the radar, Woodpecker bypasses spam filters.


  • Sending emails one by one
  • A/B testing
  • Impeccable ergonomics
  • Easy to handle

The -s:

  • Unable to send attachments
  • No preheating of the emailing
  • Limited to 7 follow-ups


After a free 14-day trial period, different offers are available and customizable to your needs. Prices range from $39/day with a limit of 50 contacts per day to $69 with all options and unlimited contacts.



Outreach is a software that allows you to do cold mailing, but also to make calls to other regions and countries and to send SMS. The tool relies on automation and detection of responses so that no one is left without a response from you.

This tool targets large teams to really benefit from it.


  • A/B Testing

The -s:

  • Long waiting times for bulk emails
  • Integration with Gmail and Salesforce could be better


The price is only available if you register and request a quote.



Mailshake allows you to connect directly to your Gmail account and send emails automatically through any mailbox connected to the account.

Drip campaigns, integration with a number of tools like Zapier, Google Sheets, HubSpot CRM and Pipedrive, MailShake allows you to customize your templates and track emails.

It also gives you the ability to make cold calls.


  • Templates
  • A/B Testing

The -s:

  • It counts auto-reply emails to notify his absence from the office as a lead.


There is no real trial period for this tool. However, if you are not satisfied with the solution and report it within 30 days, you will be refunded. 59/month is the first price if you pay without annual commitment. At $99/month you will have in addition to email automation and A/B testing, features related to cold calling and social networks.


#5 REPLY is a platform that combines email search, LinkedIn outreach and cold emailing. The data and indicators of your emailing campaigns are a strong point of this tool. It gives you access to numerous statistics from open rates, link clicks, bounced emails, and more.

To increase the relevance of your campaigns you can filter certain users and personalize your emails.

The tool integrates a database of prospects and a LinkedIn approach with an emailing platform. It therefore gives you the possibility to do multi-channel prospecting with follow-up by SMS or Whatsapp, and follow-up by phone.

Reply also analyzes the text of your message and evaluates its quality.


  • A/B Testing
  • Integrates with Hubspot
  • Email rating system

The -s:

  • High price per number of contacts


You get a 14-day free trial before you have to choose one of the three options, each of which is divided into 3 proposals:

1/ Individual: $70 for 1000 contacts per month, $90 for 3000 contacts and $120 for an unlimited number.

2/ Business: unlimited contacts for 3 users ($70/user), 5 users ($60/user) and 10 users ($50/user)

3/ Agency: where you can contact them to establish your quote



Yesware is a tool that allows you to send cold emails in Gmail and Outlook. The tool focuses on email tracking and helps you build a better relationship with your prospects. It also gives you insight into how recipients are engaging with your emails, links and attachments.

It integrates with Salesforce and LinkedIn and stands out with its built-in meeting planner.


  • Can track how prospects use your email attachments.
  • You can create a team folder for the templates and then track the performance of each email.
  • Templates

The -s:

  • Can clutter up your campaign data as the app alerts you when you open your own emails.
  • Email campaigns may not be saved automatically.


If you're not committing to a year, the first price is $19/month for email tracking, productivity tools and personal reporting, the premium service is $45/month for multi-channel campaign delivery and team collaboration, and finally the enterprise version is $85/month to integrate with Salesforce to power all features with two-way syncing.



Mixmax is an emailing software that allows you to easily schedule your cold emailing, create sequences, set appointments with your email recipients and integrate graphics such as presentations, PDFs and links into your mailings. It offers real-time tracking and alerts.

So you'll be able to see detailed analytics on how people are engaging with your emails, and how many people are responding to your meeting invitations.


  • Allows you to save your signature for each email account.
  • The integration with the Salesforce tool is excellent and offers good visibility of the actions taken in this tool.

The -s:

  • Most of the features are only available in the more expensive paid versions


MixMax offers a 14-day trial period after which you will have to subscribe to one of the 4 available offers. You can continue on the free version giving you access only to calendar planning and emails (limited to 100 per month), take the Starter offer at $9/month, skipping the limitation of sendings, switch to the SMB version at $24/month and adapted for teams, or the Growth offer at $49/month which gives access to sales force automation. You can also request a quote for a company based on your needs.


Not enough for you? Don't panic, we have one last trick up our sleeve: the Waalaxy tool. Brand new, the tool is in beta test at 100€. It's the brand new tool from Waapi, the company that created ProspectIn. Waalaxy offers you the possibility to do cold mailing in addition to your LinkedIn prospecting. It is therefore part of a multi-channel logic.

We asked Toinon Georget, the company's CEO, about this. Curious? Find the complete video on our Youtube page.