Sales intelligence: Salesbytech's intelligent automatic sales model

September 28, 2022
The notion of sales tunnel is a recent concept mainly used in Digital Marketing to define the path of a future customer in your sales process.

The notion of sales tunnel is a recent concept mainly used in Digital Marketing to define the path of a future customer in your sales process.
In this article, we propose our vision of this tunnel: the Salesbytech sales model that will allow you to revolutionize your marketing & sales practices.

Our sales model acts as a real conversion funnel whose major role is to filter your potential customers step by step and automatically guide them towards the purchase of your products and or services that are best suited to their needs and desires.

This funnel is broken down into 5 key steps that we present below:

1) REPUTATION or how to get known by your prospects?

Developing your reputation will make it easy for your prospects to discover your brand and its DNA.
Working on your Reputation mainly consists in :

  • Identify the platforms consulted by your prospects (social networks, forums etc.).
  • Create high value-added content to seduce and generate interest from your prospects.
  • Broadcasting rich and varied content on a regular basis (blogs, infographics, videos, podcasts, blog posts) on the various platforms previously identified.

Get a rapid growth in the number of subscribers on the identified platforms and really get them to discover your company. This will maximize your chances of increasing their engagement during the next steps of your sales tunnel!

The main indicators to follow:

- Number of subscribers to your networks.
- Number of subscribers to your newsletter dedicated to your company news.

2) ACQUISITION or how to attract your prospects to your sales channels?

Acquisition is also one of the key steps in creating your sales tunnel. Indeed, it is the step you should not miss in order to attract your prospects on your different sales channels.

To do this, it is necessary to :

  • Identify the subscribers on your platforms and more precisely those reacting to your various contents.
  • Retargeting subscribers through direct communication: Email, Phone, LinkedIn ...
  • To transmit tracked links to your sales channels.
  • And finally, create a newsletter to talk about your prospects' current issues and new solutions designed for them.

So get a follow-up of your performances thanks to the KPI presenting the number of visitors on your website as well as the number of clicks on the tracked links to identify the relevant campaigns.

The main indicators to follow:

- Number of monthly visitors to your site.
- Number of questionnaires filled out per month.
- Rate of incoming calls per month.
- Rate of clicks on the links leading to your website per acquisition campaign.

3) CONVERSION or how to ensure the conversion of your prospects into customers?

Conversion is the third step in creating your sales tunnel to truly convert your prospects into customers for sure.

This is based primarily on:

  • The creation of a landing page dedicated to targeted prospects respecting the Who, What, How, Benefit, Cost model.
  • Offer the option to your prospects to identify themselves on your site.
  • Set up effective Call-To-Action on the created pages.
  • Retarget prospects who have shown strong interest in your brand through special promotions.

Thanks to the KPI, presenting the conversion rate on the whole customer journey, you will be able to analyze the success of your conversion as well as the success in your lead qualification. From now on, your leads will go from a Marketing Qualified Lead to a Sales Qualified Lead.

The main indicators to follow:

- Conversion rate at each step of your customer journey.

4) RETENTION or how to get a customer to call you again?

Now it is important that your customers subscribe to your solutions again. So it is essential to create a real and lasting relationship with them. Capture the attention of your customers to make them come back and interact with your brand in order to sell them your products and/or services on the long term. Thus:

  • Set up a newsletter dedicated to active customers through which you will present all the upcoming news on its solutions.
  • Carry out emailing and satisfaction phoning in order to evaluate your customers' satisfaction but also to detect their potential pain points.
  • Offer exceptional promotions on at-risk customers.

Get KPIs showing, for example, the attrition rate or the number of disengagements from the customer newsletter.

The main indicators to follow:

- Attrition rate

5) PROMOTION or how to make your customers your best salesmen?

Last but not least, the final step in creating your sales tunnel: Promotion. This consists of turning your customers into ambassadors of your brand. It is therefore important in parallel :

  • Identify the most loyal customers.
  • To create an ambassador program with associated rewards (Percentage on gift).

So follow the virality of your communications and the growth curve of your community.

Key indicators to track:

- Number of hours spent on your solution per active user

- Rate of active ambassadors

To conclude: A 3-digit growth for the year (our personal figures)

The implementation of this sales tunnel allows you to ensure the sustainability of your sales cycle, which is regularly fed both by your actions upstream of the sales made (newsletter and targeted communication on your subscribers thanks to Michel) and downstream thanks to the actions of your ambassadors (affiliate program, ambassadors program).

For your information, we have benefited from a three-digit growth following the implementation of this sales model since our creation ;) !

What are you waiting for then?