Sales intelligence: Increase the productivity of your teams by 25% with collaborative tools

September 28, 2022
Today, the digital transformation of many companies has truly changed the way we work in companies as well as the management of employees.

Today, the digital transformation of many companies has truly changed the way we work in companies as well as the management of employees.

Thus, many collaborative tools have appeared on the market with the main objective of helping companies to promote more and more teamwork to enable them to increase their productivity.

Why choose a collaboration tool?

There are many obvious benefits to collaborative work:

Indeed, the installation of a tool or a collaborative platform within a company, then allows the management, to really rely on monitoring tools and also benefit from an optimized workspace within which teams can easily communicate, exchange, share files simply and quickly.

Collaborative work in companies for better performance:

Indeed, collaborative tools and more globally, collaborative work allows employees to exchange through discussion forums often defined as places of conviviality.

The multiple functionalities of the collaborative tools as well as their beautiful ergonomics offer everyone the possibility to communicate easily, to participate openly in the project thanks to instant messaging and to be quickly informed in case of unexpected events or changes in the project.

As you can see, agility, flexibility, optimization, productivity and immediacy are all synonyms for the benefits of collaborative work!

The 6 major benefits of obtaining a collaborative tool:

1) Eliminate time-consuming meetings and board management:

The centralization of data is a real benefit of collaborative work, allowing for easy documentation in one tool. Teams can now spend more time making decisions and solving problems.

2) Decrease the number of internal emails:

Many tools such as Slack allow companies to benefit from an instant messaging service to replace the traditional internal email exchanges that tend to accumulate and be forgotten quickly.

Thus, equipping yourself with a collaborative platform allows you to eliminate daily problems and questions (searching for a file, knowing who sent it, sending error etc.)

3) Communicate effectively at all times:

Thanks to collaborative tools, everything is now centralized in a single work environment and quickly accessible by each team member.

Indeed, in the age of digital technology and agile organization, many companies are looking to rethink their way of collaborating and are now turning to a more horizontal way of working where collaboration and information sharing are in the spotlight.

Today, many tools (such as Trello, Slack and Doodle) have become very powerful, affordable and indispensable solutions (automatic recording of the latest files, comments, objectives, incident reports, improvement proposals) to ensure good internal communication within a company and thus allow each employee to benefit from significant time savings and the possibility of focusing 100% exclusively on the most important tasks.

4) Opt for agility:

Collaborative work offers a real flexibility which is necessary to have from the teams in order to adjust the plans without jeopardizing the deadlines. There are tools on the market that allow you to centralize decisions and to inform all your collaborators of potential changes in plans.

Indeed, it is important to keep in mind that exchange, sharing and interaction have become, in the era of digital transformation of companies, essential notions to acquire for a company wishing to opt for more agility and thus gain in efficiency and adhesion.

5) Facilitate transparency and visibility among your employees:

Collaborative tools are today real solutions allowing to quickly make visible all the updates so that each collaborator can see the project status at any time.

By allowing them to access the main data usually reserved for management, the company gives its employees more responsibility and makes them feel more involved in the company's operations.

6) Develop collective intelligence:

In fact, according to a Mindjet study, 36% of respondents believe that knowledge sharing is the most relevant benefit of enterprise collaboration. Thanks to the implementation of a leanculture, teams are encouraged to develop new ideas and share them through new, simpler and more collaborative modes of communication.

Today, it is important to share knowledge, cooperate and decompartmentalize operating methods to introduce greater transversality and collective involvement of teams.

So you will have understood the importance and the numerous advantages of collaborative work. However, it is important to note that in order to ensure a high level of productivity and speed from your teams, this mode of operation must be implemented progressively and must above all generate the support and involvement of all the employees concerned!