Marketing automation: How to get a 3800% ROI?

September 28, 2022
Email marketing is a must in digital marketing strategy and the most important direct marketing channel with an estimated ROI of 3800%.

Email marketing is a must in digital marketing strategy and the most important direct marketing channel with an estimated ROI of 3800% (Sendinblue) allowing to easily send personalized emails on a large scale(e-commerce newsletters, welcome email ads, birthday ads etc.)

Indeed, considered as a true acquisition and loyalty channel, Email Marketing consists in informing, retaining your customers and generating sales by means of email.

Thus a good mastery of email marketing allows your company to have a real competitive advantage on the market since you can improve and control your notoriety, your brand image and your actions (sales of products and services).

What use but especially what utility?

Today, email marketing has never been so widely used and beneficial for your business. Its great accessibility makes email the most appreciated commercial lever for professionals since it allows to design and send at the same time :

  • Punctual emails: Newsletters presenting all the news of your company, emailing campaigns corresponding to a promotion or a strong marketing moment of your company.
  • Automated emails: Transactional emails, marketing automation emails sent based on your relationship with your recipient.

Indeed, 90% of Internet users consult their main address at least once a day, while nearly 45% of them manage their purchases from this same address.

Thus you will have understood, the email marketing strategy is an essential element not to be neglected, the first step in its implementation being the choice of the right emailing software.

Therefore, your future software must be mainly able to ensure a good deliverability, to manage the subscriptions to your emails and to designate your emails easily.

How to choose your software?

You should ask yourself the right questions:

  • How many contacts do you have and expect to have in a year?
  • How many emails do you plan to send in a year?
  • What type of email do you want to send (Automatic and or Marketing)
  • Can you and your teams work only in English (some software is only available in English)

It is also important to take into account the price factor which remains a strong differentiator in emailing. In fact, emailing is a growing success because it is an inexpensive solution compared to other marketing levers.

However, it is important to look for the solution that is best suited to your needs among the pricing models based on the number of contacts, those based on the number of shipments or the number of credits.

What results?

Thus the choice of a good software ensures you the possibility of :

  • Collect emails legally (100% RGPD Compliant) through a process commonly known as "opt in".
  • Segment your mailing list based on various criteria ( date the person signed up, data provided by prospects when they signed up, IP address etc.).
  • Ensure the best possible deliverability by playing on the quality of your emails which greatly influences their good reception.
  • Create quality responsive emails with a wide selection of templates. Indeed, the more attractive and effective your emailing campaigns will be, the more you will formulate a value proposition that will set you apart from your competitors.
  • Personalize your exchanges with advanced features such as dynamic personalization.
  • Analyze your performance with statistics available for each of your campaigns (deliverability rate, opening rate, click rate, etc.). The feedback evaluation is a first way to collect your customers' comments and thus evaluate your email marketing strategy.

Note that the easiest indicators to collect are: the bounce rate, the opening rate, the click-through rate (CTR) and the conversion rate.

However, having a good software is not enough! You need to have a long term vision that ensures consistency in sending your emails but also identify the major events of your company as well as general events where adapted commercial offers can be launched.

Moreover, the role of social networks is not without importance in the good deployment of your email marketing strategy. Indeed, the sharing links and others such as the sharing buttons will ensure a better click rate than what the forward buttons can offer you.

From now on, email marketing will hold no secrets for you and you are ready to develop an effective emailing strategy!