Develop your brand image: Outbound multi-channel prospecting and inbound marketing (Google Ads)

August 19, 2022
Branding is the perception that prospects and consumers have of your company.

Branding is the perception that prospects and consumers have of your company. Although this notion often refers to the visual identity of the organization, it goes further. Branding is built around the products and services you offer, your history, your values and your actions. As you can see, branding takes time to build, both on concrete and intangible elements.

But why is it important to develop and improve your brand image? What does it bring? And above all, how can you achieve this?

We will explain all this in the article below, explaining the importance and the advantage of starting with our B2B digital acquisition offer and then complementing it with inbound marketing via Google Ads.


Before implementing any strategy, it is essential to know your target audience and their buying criteria, because it is obvious that strategies differ depending on the people they are aimed at: you don't address a manager of a large company in the same way as a CTO of an SME, because their needs are different.

To know who your audience is made up of, you must first draw up a sketch of your target customer, called a buyer persona. This persona must represent the audience you want to reach. Define all the criteria that make it up (gender, age, place of living, socio-professional category, etc.). These criteria can be refined or adjusted over time, particularly through multi-channel prospecting.

Let's take an example: When we developed our value proposition, we thought we were targeting people in B2B, aged between 30 and 60. As time went on, it turned out that our offering was much more appealing to customers between 42 and 48 years old.

How did we refine our targeting? We processed the feedback from prospects. This is because our multi-channel acquisition offerings allow you to establish a relationship and therefore a discussion with your prospects. This discussion allows you to better understand who your value proposition is aimed at. This will allow you to refine your targeting and create much more accurate Google Ads campaigns. Even if the volume you will reach will be less important, you will increase your click rate by the quality of your targeting. Addressing people who are not interested in your offer can only cost you money unnecessarily. As we keep repeating, quality prevails over quantity.

Next, it is important to know what your target's buying criteria are. You must know what your future customers are sensitive to. Is it speed, price, design, or something else? This will influence the way you communicate and the wording you will use in your campaigns.

Let's say that at the beginning of your strategy you thought your customers were attracted by the quantity of leads. Your campaigns will be volume oriented with titles like "Generate over 100,000 leads in 1 month". If, as the discussions are created through multi-channel and the feedback from prospects, you realize that volume is less important than price, your wording will be changed. Instead, your ad should be presented as a cheap or affordable solution like "XXX The cheapest lead generation solution on the market".

The information you will have accumulated through your multi-channel strategy will allow you to reorient your proposal in order to increase your chances of converting your prospects into customers.


Once you know who to reach and how, developing your brand image will allow you to improve your visibility and thus reach a larger number of prospects.

But why do you want to be visible on Google at all costs?

In 2021, Google is 90% of the search engine market share, 4 billion monthly queries and therefore the most powerful acquisition channel when properly exploited.

These figures show the importance of being visible on the search engine, both through natural and paid referencing.

The more visible you are, the more traffic you will get to your site.

To do this, our solution allows you toidentify your direct competitors in order to position ads on their names and thus quickly make yourself known to your market. Some customers will remain loyal to the solutions, services or products they already use. Others, upon discovering that another proposal exists, might be interested and contact you.

In addition, our multi-channel acquisition solution allows you to know when to deliver your message. If, for example, you sell beard trimmers and you contact your prospect at 4pm, he will surely not be receptive to what you offer him because he will be at work. Timing is therefore also a key issue in your reputation and in the image you send to your prospects. The information we gather through multi-channel allows us to define the right time to deliver your message to your audience.

Then, the brand image will have an impact on your notoriety, which in turn will have an impact on your sales. You must therefore establish a relationship of trust between your company and your audience. To do this, you need to know which channels to invest in according to their characteristics and your target.


Your notoriety will be all the more important as you will have a strong identity.

The competition is increased nowadays and to be able to stand out from the crowd but also to be identifiable and recognizable is an important asset. This requires the definition of a graphic charter, a name, the choice of a logo, even a slogan.

Let's take a few examples of brands with a strong identity.

If I say "What else?" you will answer Nespresso (Slogan)

If I show you a logo with 2 crossed C's you will instantly recognize the House of Chanel.

If I hum "Zero hassle, zero talk" you will continue the ditty by saying "MMA".

These companies have created a strong identity, whether visual or not, so that the evocation of certain elements, such as the combination of colors, a logo, a design, a phrase or a melody, is enough to identify them.

This is the goal you should strive for: to be recognizable at first glance.

In addition, the identity you build should be aligned with the message you want to convey and make sure it matches your target audience's expectations. For example, Nike's ads continually evoke movement, which is in line with their value proposition.

Our solution identifies the main objections in order to build your creations and ads in accordance with your identity based on this learning.


Finally, branding gives you the opportunity to establish your expertise and at the same time your credibility.

As we mentioned earlier, branding is also built around your values, your story, the content you deliver, and your actions. All these elements align the perception people have of your company with the vision you have of it.

The more attractive, original and qualitative content you offer, the more your prospects will find value in it and the more you will assert your expertise.

This will increase the confidence of your prospects and consumers and you will appear more and more as THE solution to buy.


The more positive the image you send back to your audience, the higher your chances of selling. This is even more important if you want to stand out from your competitors.

Multi-channel gives you the advantage of creating discussions with your prospects, learning from their feedback, and gleaning information by identifying and addressing key objections to improve your proposal.

The lessons learned will give you the keys to refine and adjust your strategy. This will also determine your Google Ads campaigns and their effectiveness. It will also allow you to avoid spending unnecessary money on these campaigns because your audience will be skimmed and more relevant.